Information Statement


Includes the following information for your condominium:

⦁ the particulars of any action commenced against the corporation in respect of which the corporation has been Section 20.52 AR 168/2000 CONDOMINIUM PROPERTY REGULATION 30 served, including the amount claimed against the corporation, any unsatisfied judgment or order for which the corporation is liable, and any written demand made on the corporation for an amount in excess of $5000 that, if not met, may result in an action being brought against the corporation;
⦁ a statement setting out the amount of the capital replacement reserve fund;
⦁ a statement setting out the amount of the contributions and the basis on which that amount was determined;
⦁ a statement setting out any structural deficiencies that the corporation has knowledge of at the time of the request in any of the buildings that are included on the condominium plan;
⦁ loan disclosure statements for current loans, including documents showing the starting balance, current balance, interest rate, monthly payment, purpose of the loan, amortization period and default information, if applicable.

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