Discover why thousands of tenants have found the right home in the right neighbourhood with Sunreal.

No Surprises

Don’t worry about walking into a home that looks like an HGTV nightmare or has hidden monthly costs. Our homes are cleaned, repaired, and ready for you before they ’re listed with no surprises.

Safe & Sound

Your valuables will be safe with: Safety Surveys, Tenant Insurance and Home Security Systems

Peace & Quiet

Broken appliances, expensive rates, and noisy neighbours are no match for our fully-inspected homes, fair rental rates, and on-call support


Have you ever had a complaint go ignored or take too long to be heard? Sunreal quickly responds to requests using our in-house staff, maintenance plan, and communication technology.

When you have a broken appliance or leaky pipe, we send you pre-qualified help usually within 24 hours

Before you set foot in your new home, it’s been thoroughly inspected using our Multi-Point Inspection so you feel safe and sound!

Email, phone or text notifications for any fixes, upgrades, or problems that come your way. Plus, your rent payments can all be done by cheque, credit, pre-authorized debit, or e-transfer.

We Listen

*If it’s an emergency, we’re one of the few management companies that will send you a repairman within hours of contacting us!

Have a

Are you a Commercial Tenant?

If you’re a business, leases can be complicated and confusing. Whether it’s negotiations, renewals, clauses, usable space, or triple net expenses, we’re here for you.

How it Works

1. We get to know your needs

2. Match you with the right space

3. Help you negotiate a fair lease

Mike Stevens

Mike is a 17+ year  Senior Advisor, Broker and Certified Leasing Officer who’s here to help you with your business

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