Home Owner FAQ

How Do You Determine Rent Amount?

We complete a comparable market analysis of all the other available listings near your property. We use the rents that recently went off the market and properties that are currently on the market to determine the highest possible rent. We also look at the unique aspects of your rental property, like a pool or a new kitchen.

Are You Currently An Active Real Estate Investor In Your Market?

Sunreal’s leadership have been actively investing in the real estate market since the first days of Sunreal, so we’re familiar with how it works.

What Are Your Management Fees?

We offer a flat fee option of gross rent or you can choose from 3 levels of pricing, which includes a lease-only plan, standard plan, and a premium plan. *Quotes are competitive but may depend on your property type, size, and other factors.

When Do I Get My Statements?

Income statements and any other reports will be in your email inbox on the 15th of every month, unless you indicate otherwise.

Repairs And Upgrades?

We won’t bother you unless the repair costs more than $600 or if it’s an emergency. Repairs are handled by our large team of in-house maintenance and hand-picked WCB certified contractors.

What Is The Commitment Of The Management Contract?

The contract runs on a one year basis. There is a buy-out clause if you need out of the contract early.

Are There Fees When The Property Has No Tenants?

This is a very important question to ask for two reasons. One, many companies will offer a “flat rate,” which sounds great until your property is empty…and they still continue to charge you. If a company is taking money with the property empty, how motivated do you think they are to fill the vacancy?

What Miscellaneous Fees Could I Be Charged For The Management Of My Property?

Again, some companies will try to get you to sign because they offer a low rate. Once you’ve signed, a company that seemed inexpensive will now charge you lots of extra fees. Maintenance Technicians charge out at $59.00 per hour plus GST plus materials. Maintenance Services are rendered at the discretion of the Owner and are in addition to Management Fee, these services include carpentry, drywall, painting and all interior and exterior work.

Do I Have To Sell My Property With You If I Want To List It?

Some property managers will ask you to sign a contract that forces you to sell the property with them. Don’t fall for this. A quality brokerage would never require this- but rather they would be available if you wanted to use their brokerage services.

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