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IMPORTANT Emergency Note:

Please call us if you have an emergency. *Emergencies are defined as: Water leaks, sewer back up, loss of heat or electricity.
All other maintenance requests must be submitted using this form. All Non-Emergency requests will be charged at $25/per request.
In the following circumstances call 911 FIRST: Fire, break-ins or any endangerment to the occupant or the property
*Please be advised, if the caller is calling with a non-emergency, the Owner of the Unit may be subject to a $25.00 charge. We do this to ensure that our emergency line is kept open and available for true after hours emergency. Further note, if there are additional costs associated with an onsite response from your on call query, (for example, a plumbing invoice), it may be the responsibility of the Owner to cover these costs should it be related to an Owner’s responsibility and not the Corporation. Unfortunately due to the nature of most after hours emergency call outs, Sunreal will be unable to determine who is responsible for the costs until such time as the invoice is received.
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