Complete Condo Package (inc. Information Statement)


Includes the following documents for your condominium:

  • Includes the information statement
  • The particulars or copy of any subsisting or prior management agreement;
  • A copy of the budget of the corporation;
  • A copy of the annual financial statements of the corporation;
  • A copy of the bylaws of the corporation;
  • All approved minutes in the particular fiscal year (including draft minutes of general meetings if approved minutes are not available that occurred at least 30 days before the date of the request);
  • A statement setting out the unit factors and the criteria used to determine unit factor allocation;
  • A consolidation of all the rules made by the corporation under section 32.1 of the Act;
  • Copies of any and all reports prepared for the corporation by professionals;
  • Copies of insurance certificates held by the corporation;
  • Copies of insurance policies held by the corporation;
  • Copies of Reserve fund plans, reserve fund reports and annual reports.
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